"The Long-Term Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Children’s Education and Employment Outcomes"


“The Rise of Working Mothers and the 1975 Earned Income Tax Credit”

"Unintended Consequences? More Marriage, More Children, and the EITC"


“Does the EITC Pay for Itself? Evidence from Linked Administrative Data” with Maggie Jones

  • Presentations: 2018: Columbia University

“Public Policy and Time Spent Between Mothers and Children” with Lance Lochner
“How Does International Student Enrollment Affect Domestic STEM Students?” with Jeff Grogger
“International STEM Students and Local Labor Markets” with Jeff Grogger and Gordon Hanson
“Time Use and the Gender Wage Gap” with Yana Gallen
“The Role of the Earned Income Tax Credit in the Narrowing of the Gender Wage Gap”
“How Much of the Gender and Racial Wage Gap Can Be Explained by Discriminatory Attitudes?”
“The 1964 Civil Rights Act and Black-White Outcomes: 50 Years Later”

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